David DelMonaco


What's up, I'm David. Prior to owning the winery I worked in construction for 20 years. In 2007 I started building what is now the winery. Today you can find me working out in the vineyards taking care of the grapes. Other than that, I just do whatever I'm told.

Barbara DelMonaco


Hey, I'm Barbara.

Shelley Drummond

Venue Manager

Kyle Cochran


Hey, I am the winemaker. I have been a winemaker for DelMonaco Winery since 2016. I enjoy nothing more than long walks on the Tennessee trails with a bottle of Chardonnay wine.

Hello, I am the Venue Manager.  I would love to help you plan your next event or wedding.  I am able to customize a wedding package or event just for you. Please contact me to book your event!  I monitor our social media sites, website and plan events and festivals for the venue!  If you have any questions about attending an event or getting involved as a musician, food vendor or craft vendor don't hesitate to email me!