Barrel Club

This is a quarterly shipment for only $10 flat rate shipping on 3 bottles or pick 

up your wine and enjoy free samples. 

As a member, you pay 

$995 for 4 years of 

complementary wine. You receive 3 wines each 

quarter for a total of 12 

bottles a year. Additional wines will be at the club discount. At the end of the 4th year, 

you'll receive your 

very own wine barrel 

that displays your 

embossed name plaque. Along with your wine  discounts for additional 

bottles, you + 1 guest  get a free flight every  time you stop in.

Cellar Club

This is a quarterly 

shipment for only $10 flat rate shipping on 3-12 bottles, or pick up your wine and enjoy free samples. 

There is no 

upfront cost to join, 

only a 2 quarter minimum. As a member, you agree to get at 

least 3 wines quarterly. This is during the 

months of February, May, August, &

November. The more 

wines you get, the 

higher your discount. 

Along with your wine 

discount, you plus 1 guest get a free flight every time you stop in. 

All Club Members Receive the following perks:

- Free flight of 4 wines for you + a guest
- Notice of upcoming events, wines & special offers
- Discounts off wine:

1-5 bottles 15% off

6-11 bottles 20% off

12+ bottles 25% off

$10 Flat Rate Shipping on orders of 3 to 12 bottles

for Contiguous U.S.A. States.

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